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VisitBritain and Russian tour operators count on deferred demand

A recent survey revealed that two thirds of Russian citizens, who had been following the course of London Olympics on TV, would like to spend their next holidays in the UK. Other surveys were carried out after the Games and showed that Russians included Britain with a top 5 tourist and cultural destinations. This was made public by the Strategy and Communications Director of VisitBritain Ms. Patricia Yates during a briefing in Moscow.

Impressive images of the Olympics are not the only thing that can spur the tourist flow from Russia; another thing is the demand, deferred by that same event. Thus, states VisitBritain, over 210 thousand Russians visited the country in 2011 (+20%), but after nine months of 2012 the tourist flow added just 3%. The overall result for 12 months could be higher, but it's still not likely to close such a gap. But it may happen in 2013, fancy Russian tour operators. According to the head of British department of DSBW Company Ms. Irina Folomeyeva, the sales are awfully up-and-going. "Tourists request and book all kinds of summer programs for various dates. We have already sold out March and school holidays; the spring is going pretty well, too. I figure these are the very same journeys that for some reasons, most probably for fear of the Olympic hustle, have failed to come about", she explained to RATA-news.

VisitBritain and tour operators also lay their hopes on a freshman in the Russian market – EasyJet Airline, which is launching non-stop services to Moscow from London and Manchester this March. The new player will definitely complement to a choice of air transportation on the destination, which is quite wide anyway.

British players' interest towards the Russian market is obvious. A Russian tourist spends around ?1450 during his trip, which is three times as much as the average. Besides, he not only stares at sights, he also buys tickets to theaters, art galleries and so on. His cultural needs get along with a crave for shopping, which is just bound to please British tourism authorities. That's why Patricia Yates sees Russia as one of key markets.

By 2020, the flow of Russian tourists is supposed to be increased by 75% to 370 thousand arrivals each year. In 2013, the British tourist board is going to join in with Russian tour operators to carry out a ?100-thousand advertising campaign engaging DSBW Tours, Meridian, Holiday M, BSI Group, Weekends Travel among other venturers. "We are not going to, we are already involved with this campaign", confirms the director of Meridian Company Mr. Alan Sautiyev.

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