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German artists decorated an apartment block in Magnitogorsk

A first stage of the Open-air Museum of European and Asian Cities project has come to an end in Magnitogorsk. As a part of the project two graffiti artists from Germany, Marcus Genesius and Andreas von Schraznovski have decorated a house number 123 on the Sovetskaya Street. From now on the wall carries a painting of a couple of hands holding a paper plane launched from Yekaterinburg.


The artists' perfect photorealistic technique is well-known far beyond Germany. The Magnitogorsk project has been supported by the German General Consulate in Yekaterinburg.


The idea has come out the new brand "Magnitogorsk – where Europe meets Asia". As the city is a place of extraordinary historic and cultural heritage and geographic location.


According to the open-air Museum of European and Asian Cities project's idea, selected cities of Europe and Asia have been offered to decorate facades of Magnitogorsk in their own unique styles reflecting their history and culture. Artists from Austria and China are next to take part in the project.       


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