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Chelyabinsk Meteor is not of much help to the region so far

A new tourist attraction of the Urals – the Chelyabinsk Meteor site – attracts only Chinese tourists so far. As was told by the director of the region's Tourism Development Center, Ms. Elena Bormenkova, several groups of travelers from China have visited the Chebarkul Lake since the accident.

"We are just about to welcome another group of Chinese tourists. They are going to travel along the meteor route and visit the regional Natural History Museum that houses an exhibition of the meteorite fragments, the town of Chebarkul and have a walk along the lake that is now holding the remains of the celestial body. However I can't say that the February's accident has attracted many tourists to the region in general and to the meteor route in particular," says Mrs. Bormenkova.

One of the main reasons for weak tourists' activity in the Chelyabinsk Region is the late start of summer, which is being confirmed by the entire travel sector of the area.

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