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75% Russians arrange their holidays by themselves

A polling carried out by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTSIOM) showed that over a half of Russian citizens (51%) plan their holiday schedule beforehand; 34% start planning particular activities long before the departure date, and 17% decide what to do right before leaving the house. Almost a third part of Russian tourists make spontaneous travel plans. The survey was carried out on May 12-13 among 1600 people from 130 cities and towns across 42 regions of Russia. The statistical error doesn't exceed 3.4%.

Over the past five years. the number of those who try to plan how and where to spend their vacation beforehand has grown by more than 10% – from 21 to 34%. Most of them pick beach holidays; the second place is held by fans of sightseeing, excursions and historic sites. A share of health and medical tourists is quite high, too.

Last year, according to the survey's results, most of the pollees (75%) were arranging their vacations by themselves. 24% sought assistance of a travel agent; 18% purchased a full package; 6% bought only a part of the tour (transportation, accommodation or visas). Most of those who make travel arrangements beforehand prefer package tours.

An average budget of a summer holiday this year is 27,636 roubles (€638) per person. Most tourists (65%) set money for the journey aside; 15% pay for the trip with current assets; and 4% plan to apply for a travel loan.

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