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Last year’s destinations of keen demand

Global online hotel booking engine carried out a survey of search requests made by Russian tourists in 2012. Traditionally, the Russians have been picking the resorts of Turkey and Egypt. Many travellers, however, have been interested in holidays in Russia and Ukraine. 
In 2012, the Russian travellers went on with the 2011’s trend, mostly choosing relatively affordable and visa-friendly countries for their holidays. Having added 499%, Turkey’s town Goynuk in Antalya Region became the absolute leader in terms of the growth of the number of search requests. The top 10 also included a number of other Turkish resorts, namely Titreyengol, Beldibi, Oludeniz. 

Not only Turkey wins higher demand with the Russians; Egypt’s Marsa Alam (+475%)and Makadi Bay (+414%)are luring our compatriots as well. In 2012, many Russians preferred enjoying calm and quiet beaches around the Dead Sea; Israeli town Neve Zohar is one of such places.

Two trends have been established for 2012. For one, the number of individual travellers went up; for another, Russian tourists started considering domestic destinations for their leisure. The latter became possible by virtue of the development of Russian hotel infrastructure. Thus, for example, short after reconstruction works had been started, a small settlement Listvyanka on Lake Baikal in Irkutsk Region attracted the attention of the Russians - in 2012, the number of search requests went 473% up compared to 2011. Another domestic destination to gain the affection of travellers is Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic (+453%). The anniversary Cheboksary International Film Festival, that attracted hundreds of movie enthusiasts, is one of the reasons for such a spike.

Russian travellers continue keeping close family and business ties with nearest neighbors. Three Ukrainian cities – Dnepropetrovsk, Alushta and Balaklava – welcome hundreds of Russian tourists each year. In 2012, our there have been 471% more requests for Dnepropetrovsk than last year. As usual, Crimean resorts still find a market in Russia. In such a manner, Alushta added 396%, and Balaklava – 438% compared to the previous year.

Over the last couple of years, the Russians have been giving more and more preference to Asian culture. Vietnam’s Hoi An and India’s Colva prove this with the growth of +407% and +394% respectively.

Top 25 destinations of excessive demand in 2012


1.       Goynuk (Turkey)

2.       Marsa Alam (Egypt)

3.       Listvyanka (Russia)

4.       Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)

5.       Titreyengol (Turkey)

6.       Montevrain (France)

7.       Cheboksary (Russia)

8.       Adler (Russia)

9.       Beldibi (Turkey)

10.   Chania (Greece)

11.   Oludeniz (Turkey)

12.   Stresa (Italy)

13.   Akumal (Mexico)

14.   Balaklava (Ukraine)

15.   Jerba (Tunisia)

16.   Neve Zohar (Israel)

17.   Tasos (Greece)

18.   Makadi Bay (Egypt)

19.   Halkidiki (Греция)

20.   Hoi An (Vietnam)

21.   Midoun (Tunisia)

22.   Sousse (Tunisia)

23.   Belle Mare (Montenegro)

24.   Alushta (Ukraine)

25.   Colva (India)

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