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Inbound tourist flow to Russia in the first half of the year remains unchanged

The number of tourist arrivals to Russia over the first six months of 2014 remains almost the same; it has gone a mere 0.1% down compared to the same period in 2013.


Despite the uneasy political situation, the flow of foreign citizens visiting Russia with the purpose of tourism has not been affected. Moreover, the overall inbound border traffic has even grown a little (+2%).


The situation with Europe is a bit different. In total the flow from all EU countries (excluding Luxembourg and Malta) has grown by almost 3% - 3143 thousand compared to 3061.3 thousand in the first half of 2013. Speaking of tourists in particular, their numbers have gone 6% down – 455.5 thousand compared to 486.2 thousand in the first six months in 2013.


The most notable drop was shown by Austria (-19.5%), even though in absolute numbers it’s not that great (see the table below). It’s followed by Finland (-16%) and Spain (-15%). Germany, Japan, Italy and some others have rolled back as well.


On the other hand, new emerging markets have been performing quite well. South Korea has added 70% (compared to +21% in the same period last year) and managed to enter the 9th position of the top 10 leading markets. Australia has grown 16%, Israel and Turkey – 14% each.


China has been calling the shots on Russian inbound market lately. Even though the growth has been slowing down since 2012 when it had reached +43% (in 2013 - +15; in 2014 - +4%). Nevertheless, the country managed to get to the first line of the inbound rating, having moved Germany, the long-lasting leader.


Arrival of foreign tourists to Russia

January–June 2014–2010

(thousand arrivals)



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