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Ten places of interests in Baikal that will impress you.

According to a version of a publishing house "Lonely Planet", Lake Baikal (photo) is included in the TOP-10 places, recommended to visit on Earth. The rating of "Best In Travel 2010" also includes French Alsace, island Bali (Indonesia), the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha (Brazil), valley Ko Kong in Cambodia, Oaxaca in Mexico, South Africa, a national park The Lake. The inclusion of Lake Baikal in the rating is natural. However, as a rule, travelers recognize the lake from two or three well-known points, and reproduce the views of Listvyanka, Baikal and the Maloe Sea. The Irkutsk based travel agency "Baikal Adventure" made their own rating of extraordinary Lake Baikal - 10 unique places of interests at the famous lake.


Dawan. Spring freeride with a view to BAM. The mountain mass Dawan situated in the environs of a settlement Goudzhekit resounded of thunder as impenetrable section of BAM in the 70s. TToday it is a nascent area of the best off-slopes skiing on Lake Baikal.. In early March, when the spring thaw turns a "fluffy" snow into the ice in the most of the other slopes, the season only starts at Davan. Its peculiarities are a variety of slopes where long and relatively gentle slopes for beginners are combined with steep couloirs for freeride monsters (elevation from 550 to 700 meters). Since 2009, a comfortable ratrack brings the mountain skiers to Davan.

The lakes of northern Baikal. Frolikha is the lake, where the Evenki gods live

Northern Baikal is the region of many boreal lakes located in the valley of the Upper Angara.
In winter, when lakes freeze, the ice plates and frozen waterfalls on the Baikal Ridge wait for travelers. In summer the taiga lakes are suitable for fishing. The glacial lake Frolikha is especially interesting. It is located on the north-east of Baikal, at the distance of 8 km from the lakeside. One of the largest lakes in the Baikal region covers an area of 16.5 square km. Here there is davatchan, a rare subspecies of Arctic loach. It’s the only red fish in Lake Baikal. Its awesome appearance, sticking out alligator-like teeth earned a deity status at Evenks.

Yarki. The most northern beach of Lake Baikal

The island that separates the bay Angarskiy Sor from Lake Baikal is just a bit to the north of Nizhneangarsk. Yarki us a sandy spit 200-250 meters wide. The beach stretches like a curved arc of more than 15 kilometers. This is one of the warmest places on Lake Baikal. Water warms up to +24 - +25 ° C. In addition to swimming, there is Excellent fishing for grayling, perch and pike. here.


Hot thermal springs where one can make tea. The most famous ones - Goudzhekit and Dzelinda - became balneological resorts. One can get to the less known springs Zmeeviy, Khakusy and Kotelnikovsky only by water or air. In Zmeevaya in Chivyrkuy Bay there beats a unique source of hydrosulfide, shown by sciatica. In Khakusy the composition of water is close to the mineral springs of Pyatigorsk, the water is indicated for treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, chronic gynecological and skin diseases. The water of Kotelnikovsky differs for its temperature can reach + 81 ° C.

Along Angara on the ice-floe. The river–head of Angara does not freeze even in the most severe frosts. Since 2007, the tour operator “Baikal Adventure" runs an ice-floe with Papanin followers along the Angara. Ice rafting is possible in early spring only, when the thickness of ice on Lake Baikal is 80 cm. A floe of 600 sq. m. is cut from the purest Baikal ice and carefully checked for stability and carrying capacity. Usually not more than 10-12 people can travel on it at a time. The rafting is accompanied by "hivusy" who ensure the safety of traveling.

1640 meters under our feet. Winter swimming in the hole of 1.5 km depth makes even the most experienced awe. The deepest basin of Lake Baikal is situated near the eastern coast of the island Olkhon in the-called Big Sea. Tour operator Baikal Adventure "offers this kind of entertainment the third consecutive year. No colds were traced.

Archipelago Ushkany islands. Colonies of seals and the city of ants

They are re located 7 km to west of the peninsula of Svyatoy nos. Ushkanyi archipelago consists of four islands, the biggest od them is of 9.5 sq. km.only. The are known mainly due to the largest rookery of freshwater seals - seals. But apart from seals, the island Bolshoi can be entered in the Book of Records due to the compact settlement of ants. Ant settlements consist of several thousand "homes." In addition, many strange things can be seen in the islands - birch with black bark and intricately twisted pine trees, long-lived ones. Some of them are 300 years old!

Chivyrkuisky Bay. Big regatta. Chivyrkuisky Bay is one of the wild remote places of the lake. Its lakeside is oddly indented by numerous coves covered with taiga. In August Chivyrkuy welcomes Great Baikal Regatta of cruising yachts. This tradition was founded in 1983, it was interrupted in mid -90's and resumed at the beginning of "zero" ones. The regatta starts at Olkhon, moves through the strait Maloe Sea and crosses Lake Baikal in Ongokonskaya of Chivyrkuy Bay.

Inlet Ayaya. Baikal atoll. Guba Ayaya has the glory of one of the most beautiful places in the north-east of Lake Baikal. Surrounded by rocky sides, the creek cuts 4 kilometers into the land. The eastern side of the inlet is low, with a wide sandy beach, followed by a gradually rising plain, overgrown with bushes and forest. A reef watches the bay entrance. It runs out on the surface of the rock of a meter. In sunny weather one can often see seals having rest.

People sometimes dream about ice cities. These are buildings and structures, where everything from the walls and to accessories is made out of colored ice of Lake Baikal. In 2007-2008 "Baikal Adventure" constructed these buildings in Chivyrkui Bay. In one year it was a bath-house, composed of a thick blocks of ice, the second year- an elegant hotel with original lighting, with flowers frozen into the walls and with warm skins on the sofas. In 2009 there appeared snow bar with a refreshing drinks in Baikalsk. In the spring of 2010 there came an ice village where they held a competition called “Crystal seal-2010”.

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