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A geo park will be open in a reserve “Arkhaim”

The construction of a new facility Geo-park will begin in the reserve Arkhaim (Chelyabinsk region) This is an extensive exhibition of landscape of natural stone. Drafting the park began in 2008 - said the chief PR specialist of Reserve Arkaim Elena Polyakova. - We took part in a competition for the grant "Museum in a Changing World" of Vladimir Potanin’s fund with it but, unfortunately, we did not win. This year we have improved our application and will participate again. The start of works is scheduled for the end of the summer season.

The main idea of the park is to make visitors acquainted with the history of the region that is inseparably linked with the history of mining in the Urals, extraction of valuable ores, minerals, gems, and also to let the people know about modern problems of natural resources. Over the past three centuries in the southern Urals the dozens of deposits of iron and copper ores, nonferrous metals, gold, precious and semiprecious stones are worked out. All of them have disappeared without a trace. There are no the country rocks, or ore, or the main "element-forming" minerals: Cassiterite - tin, chalcopyrite - copper, magnetite - iron, etc left. In the Urals, such mineral species like as malachite, azurite, amazonite, rhodonite, pink topaz, etc just became extinct. It is necessary to preserve the remaining minerals be for tourists.

The Geo-park in the reserve Arkhaim can execute this task. Up to 45 thousand guests visited it a year. The basic idea of the reserve is the spiritual and material development of the nature of the Southern Urals by man over the millennia, the noosphere, and people. The project of  a "Geo-park" creation can be naturally incorporated in the overall concept of the protected territories. It should reflect both the history, the "memory" of the Earth, and show the main mineral wealth of South Ural region. The Laboratory on Natural Sciences Research prepare a tour-lecture on "Memory of the Earth."for visitors Arkaim reserve.

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