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MFA of Russia black-listed Paraguay

08:07, 29 июня 2012

The MFA of Russia recommends its citizens to refrain from travelling to Paraguay due to the aggravation of the socio-political atmosphere. The report published on the department's website calls tourists to revise their vacation plans till the situation gets back to normal. Tour operators stay calm though: summer is considered to be low season in Paraguay, in addition, the destination that still has visa regime with Russia can’t be called mass: tourists can be counted on fingers.


„There’s nothing in Paraguay that could be interesting for tourists. Iguacu Falls, being officially located on the territory of three countries, can be seen not only in Paraguay, but in Brasil and Argentina as well. Normally Paraguay goes as a part of combo-tours with a one-day visit to the country“ – explained the Head of the Department of Central America oft he Carribean Club company Oksana Zhuk. According to the interlocutor of RATA-news, there are not more than three people a year travelling purposefully to Paraguay. That means the MFA’s restrictions won’t be a serious problem for tourists.


The Director of the Miracle Company Ivan Ushakov backs up his collegue: “Visa regime hinders the tourist flow to the country. For example, after last year’s visa regime cancelation between Russia and Uruguay, the number of Russians has increased significantly on the destination. We set out not more than 15 people to Paraguay a year, and, first of all, it’s due to the complicity with entry documents. It takes from two to three weeks”. Besides, Mr. Ushakov noted that the period from May to September is considered to be a low season in Paraguay. By its end the situation in the country should come back to normal.


Last week the parliament of the country made an impeachment its president Fernando Lugo. The reason was the death of 17 people within the collision between police and peasants. The authority went over to the vice-president Federico Franko who will be in charge of the country till the elections next spring.

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