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Ulyanovsk region was nominated homeland of the Little Round Bun (Kolobok)

08:07, 7 февраля 2011

Ulyanovsk region chose the image of the Little Round Bun as a fairytale symbol of the region. Governor Sergey Morozov gave his ministers the task of developing the concept of promotion of the fairytale symbol of the region within one month.

Last year Moscow Association of the communities started working out the fairytale map of Russia planning to facilitate development of domestic tourism. There are 17 regions with heroes of fairytales on this map already. Ulyanovsky region will become the homeland of the Little Round Bun.  The research of Ulyanovsky regional ethnographer Sergey Petrov became the main reason for that.

A contest for the best residence for the Little Round Bun will be announced, businessmen dealing with tourism already showed some interest, Pedagogical University plan to organize theme folklore expeditions for the school children. Working group developing the brand of Ulyanovsk region will discuss the Little Round Bun in the nearest future. Experts think that this is a very positive fairytale character that can become a good trade mark promoting folk traditions.

Ethnographer Sergey Petrov is ready to get involved in this project personally and to create a special science “Maintenance of the Little Round Bun”. He said that regional magazine for children “Simbik” made “Kolebyatka” a main character of a series of stories and the leader of the Center of the Slavic Culture Vladimir Lanko wrote a song about the Little Round Bun. Mr. Petrov thinks that young generation “that unfortunately leaves the region looking for higher salaries” will like the symbol of the Little Round Bun “because he is communicative, cute and restless” and reminds everyone of  the beloved by everyone “smileys”. “We plan to promote the Little Round Bun as a symbol of the Football Championship. Playing and joking is very useful”, added the regional ethnographer.

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