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The authorities will finally deal with bankrupts and frauds

08:07, 9 февраля 2012

Vladimir Markin, an official representative of the Russian Investigating Committee, said on Saturday January 28, that a “procedural examination of numerous facts of violation of citizen’s rights” by Lanta?tour voyage has started. He also noted that “judicial appraisal will be given not only to company management and owners, but also to government authorities whose job it is to control the abidance of laws and human rights in the travel market”.


Minister of Sport and Tourism Vitaly Mutko told Life News that Lanta-tour will probably be put on criminal trial. “For the moment Rostourism is investigating the fact of the company’s bankruptcy and its tourists being in the risk-zone. Then the case will be handed over to law enforcement authorities. I think a criminal case will be commenced. All this looks like fraud”, - stated Mr. Mutko.


It’s a very important statement. Because there is no doubt that a very thorough examination of Capital tour, which deceived more than 8 thousand tourists, is on the way. And our Minister has already promised that – in the end of 2010. If there can be a criminal case against Lanta, which probably has enough insurance money to refund all their clients, than why are Capital tour owners practically still working on the market, while none of their deceived tourist received a penny from the tour operator?

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