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Egypt cancels visa fee

08:07, 1 июня 2012

The TourismDepartment of Egyptian Embassy in Moscow reports about Prime Minister’s decision to cancel visa fee for group tourists traveling to Egypt from June, 1 to August, 31, 2012. It’s reported that such offer was made within the government’s attempts to increase the inbound flow to Egypt.


The spokesperson of Russian Union for Travel Industry (RUTI) Irina Tyurina told RIA News that Egypt gradually resumes its inbound flow, and the cancellation of visa fee should be encourage when we speak about country’s promotion. “Of course tourists stopped traveling to Egypt not because of 15$ visa fee. Peaceful atmosphere in the country and at resorts is more important”, - believes Mrs. Tyurina.


The Business Development Director of TEZ tour Alexandr Burtin welcomed the decision of Egypt’s government. He explained that grouped tourists are considered to be those who bought vouchers from tour operators. “We always stand for simplifying visa formalities. We hope Russians will come back to Egypt after the instable period passes by”, - he said.


Within the overture of inbound flow increase, on Tuesday Egypt installed a visa free regime for Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, China, India and Azerbaijan which are considered to be non-traditional markets for this country. As with Russia, visa free regime is valid only for grouped travelers which are at the hands of travel agents when staying in Egypt.


In 2011 the tourist flow to Egypt reduced by 33% if compared to 2012 and counted up to 9.8 million people, 1.45 million of which were Russians. Following the results of 2012, the country is to accept more than three million guests from Russia.

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