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Moscow parks: a surprising turn for the better

08:07, 2 сентября 2013

Parks and estates of Moscow have become muchmore comfortable and attractive to visit. Over the recent years an immense amount of effort has been put into the improvement works including free Wi-Fi coverage, cycle lanes, neat and cozy lawns with sunbeds. The visitors' safety rate is now much higher as well. According to a polling carried out by a major global travel portal TripAdvisor, four out of five respondents have noted great improvements of the city parks. Two thirds of the pollees believe it to be the result of efforts and focused actions made by the capital's government. Nine out of ten participants rate the state of Moscow city parks as "fair" (46%) and "good" (44%); and just one out of fifteen people voted "poor" or "very poor" (6.5%).

Most visitors come to parks for cycling and promenade (81%) as well as festivals, exhibitions and similar activities (53%). Others are attracted by restaurants, coffee shops and fast-food kiosks (25%), amusement rides (22%), picnics (21%). As much as three thirds of the respondents (77%) would be glad to make use of designated picnic and barbeque areas. Among other popular park activities are working and reading (20%), sunbathing (20%), and sports (16%).

As key factors the people name a park's cleanness and amenities (80%), location (70%), and availability of public restrooms (54%). Others wouldn't go to a park without a pond (47%), restaurants and coffee shops (32%), or special cycle and roller-blades lanes (30%). The entrance ticket price matters for 29% of the participants, while 31% are interested in events and festivals held in a park. Interestingly, 36% visitors are ready to pay the admission fee if the money are used to make the park better.

Even though most visitors see a great improvement with Moscow parks, there is still a lot of issues to be attended to. Thus, 60% of the respondents would like to the parks to be cleaner; 49% ask for more vegetation. Many people wish for more bicycle rental offices (31%) and safety measures (33%). 45% want to see more cycle lanes, and 40% are concerned with car parking situation. As for parking spots and roads, three out of five visitors see the situation as "poor" or even "extremely poor" (60%).

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