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Moscow Tourism Committee offers walking tours to visitors

08:07, 2 сентября 2013

The collection of printed products produced by the MoscowCity Committee for Tourism and Hotel Industry is supplemented by one more edition – Walking Moscow. For those who prefer to explore the Russian capital by foot, there are 15 different routes. While walking, one can get a complete picture of the city.


Among them are The Heart of Moscow, Arbat - the soul of Moscow, Literary boulevards of the capital, The boulevards through time, Past and Present of Yakimanka, Students’ Life in Moscow, Paris pied corner, On the main street of Moscow, the Constellation of Moscow theaters, Introduction to Zamoskvorechye, Museum quarters, the Old Vagankovo, Rogozhskaya Sloboda, the Legendary Sukharevka and A Walk about Hamovniky.


Every map has the information on the most interesting objects and streets, on the length of the routes, whether it’s accessible for the handicapped people, whether there are public toilets and so on. Tourist information centers, excursion City Tour bus stops, Velobike rental spots, pedestrian areas, taxi stops, restaurants, hotels, parking lots, exchange offices, shops, subway stations, 24-hours drug stores and more are marked as well. On the back cover of each map there is a scheme of urban rapid transit, the number of 24-hour tourist call-center and the web address for tourists. All maps have panoramic views of Moscow.


450 thousand maps were published in Russian and English languages. They will be spread in tourist information centers of the capital and on the most popular tourist routes – the Old Arbat, Tverskaya street, near Kremlin, viewing point at Vorobyevi Gori.


Maps are packed in convenient waterproof red branded bags which are to protect them in any weather.


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