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Moscow's hospitality industry keeps growing

08:07, 7 июня 2013

1.1 million people stayed at Moscow hotels in the first quarter of 2013 - 2.5% more compared to the same period last year, reports the Moscow City Committee for Tourism and Hotel Industry referring to the City Statistics Agency. The number of overnights grew 1.8% to 3 million. At that, an average load of the accommodation facilities stays at the previous year's level: 60% of the total capacity. The income from hotels and similar lodging properties increased by 4.3% to 11 billion roubles (€271,159).

As per the Russian Federation Border Control Service, the number of international arrivals to the capital in the first quarter of the current year amounts to 1.23 million people, which is 13% more that during the same period in 2012. Among non-CIS countries the best performers are Germany with 59.8 thousand arrivals, China - 57.8 thousand, and Turkey - 32.8 thousand. The top-5 also includes France and Italy with 31.6 and 28.4 thousand arrivals respectively. The best growth rate was once again shown by China which in the first three months of this year managed to send 47% more visitors to Moscow.

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