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Moscow to spend 35 million roubles on tourist image

08:07, 1 июля 2011

In 2011 Moscow City Committee for Tourism and Hotel Industry intends to carry out an advertising-information campaign in foreign and local mass media, aimed at forming positive tourist image of Moscow. Over 35 million roubles will be allocated from the city’s budget for this project.

The city hall believes that this will help to form a persistent image of Moscow as a city with unlimited tourism capabilities. The city’s authorities expect to create a recognizable and attractive Moscow tourist brand.

The campaign implies airing of advertising video clips no less than eight times a day within 45 days on one of Russian TV channels broadcasting in English language outside Russia. The expenses for this activity will exceed 6.5 million roubles. A channel will be chosen by its audience that should cover Europe, Asia, South-East Asia and USA.

Another 10 million roubles are to be spent on advertising publication in traditional paper media and on the internet sites of foreign mass media in USA, UK, India, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Japan.

The Moscow city’s authorities are also going to place publications in the mass media distributed within Russia. The total circulation of such magazine or newspaper shouldn’t be less than 350 thousand copies every month. The audience will include citizens of large and medium cities, economically active people, business tourists and travelers from every frderal district of Russia.

All the TV channels and other mass media will be selected by the capital’s authorities on competition basis and are about to be announces by this July. Besides that, the city will invest over 20 million roubles into the renovation of the city’s street navigation system (135 information signs and display panels). Another 6.5 million roubles will be spent on establishing a special call-center that will be providing assistance for both foreign and domestic tourists.

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